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Pine Bluff, Jefferson County Economic Opportunities Commission Inc. (PBJCEOC) is chartered as a private – non-profit agency, by the Arkansas Secretary of State as a Community Action Agency.

In October 2019 articles were updated and registered with the Internal Revenue Service and business operations began as a “doing business as” (dba) name (Central Delta Community Action Agency – CDCAA).

The Arkansas Department of Human Services partners with CDCAA and 14 other Community Action Agencies throughout the state of Arkansas to implement the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).


The Central Delta Community Action Agency is focused on building stronger and healthier communities. We are dedicated to empowering low-income individuals and families by providing the education, services, and opportunities needed for self-sufficiency.


The Agency’s vision is to be recognized statewide as providing key-leadership role in assisting families, individuals, and the community leading the development of opportunities for low income across the service area.

Families are viewed not as burdens to society but as productive citizens who can make a positive difference. They are supported in their goals to be self-sufficient. Through established partnerships and human connections, we will use our best tools and resources to improve  the lives and livelihood of the people we serve.

Geographic Service Area

The CDCAA service area is located at the western entry port of the Eastern Arkansas delta lands, in the heart of the state’s fields and farm country, and is part of the Delta Regional Area. Programming occurs within five (5) counties: Arkansas, Cleveland, Grant, Jefferson, and Lincoln.


Arkansas County

Phone: 877-915-7544

Cleveland County

Phone: 877-915-7558

Grant County

Phone: 877-915-7552

New Jefferson County Office

Jefferson County

Phone: 877-915-7561

Lincoln County

Phone: 877-915-7559


Helen Snyder

Executive Director

Hayley Brakebill

Deputy Executive & Finance Director

Manva Cawley

Community Service DIrector

Patrice Williams

Grants Analyst/Executive Support

Holly Schau

Accounts Payable/Human Resources

Tiffany Webb

Accounts Receivable/Records Management

Ceola Warner

Receptionist/Program Support

Steffanie Johnson

Program Support


Case Manager - Cleveland County

Cheryl Jones

Case Manager - Arkansas County

Christy Love

Family Development Specialist

Tiffany Jones

Case Manager - Grant County

Frances Lunsford

Case Manager - Lincoln County

SheTha Smith

Case Manager - Jefferson County

Board of directors

Arkansas County

Johnny Sue Davis

Low Income Sector


Public Sector


Private Sector

Cleveland County

Ann Cooper

Low Income Sector

Judge Melody Spears

Public Sector

Katrina Mason

Private Sector

Grant County

Melissa Harrison

Low Income Sector (Board Chair)

Judge Randy Pruitt

Public Sector (Treasurer)

Kay Williams

Private Sector (Secretary)

Jefferson County

Janetta Hulsey

Low Income Sector

Judge Gerald Robinson

Public Sector


Private Sector

Lincoln County

Shelia Magness

Low Income Sector (Vice President)

Mayor Matthew Smith

Public Sector

Janice Massie

Private Sector