Assistance Offered by CDCAA

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What We Do

— ID Verification Documents

Assistance obtaining a birth certificate, driver’s license, or government ID.

— Resume Development

Your resume is your chance to display your qualifications, skills, and ambitions. It is a tool for communicating your capabilities to a potential employer.

— Clothing

Assistance with personal and occupational clothing needs.

— Obtain School Transcripts

High school and college transcripts are key in providing potential employers with knowledge of your skills and academic performance.

— Financial Aid Enrollment

Identifying college financial aid, assisting with the completion of financial aid forms, and making discretionary judgments regarding the distribution of financial aid to help pay for the costs of education.

— Educational Advising

Identify opportunities to further your education by seeking GED, workforce training, or college education.

— SNAP/Medical Insurance

Provide SNAP and medical insurance applications and assist in completing and submission.

— Transportation

Scheduling appointments for pickup by SEAT van for transport to medical appointments. (Jefferson County only).

— Utility and Rental Assistance

Payments of utility bills in crisis circumstances, up to one time a year. Provide workshops to prevent these emergencies in the future.

— Financial Counseling

Training on basic budgeting, money management, and energy conservation.

— Social Security, SSI Applications

Assist in preparing Social Security or Supplemental Security Income applications.

— Emergency Food

Assistance in locating and obtaining emergency food assistance.

— Emergency Shelter Referral

Counselors will asst clients in locating temporary shelter.

— Community Referrals

As experts in our communities, we refer clients to resources in the community to help them become self-sufficient.

— Case Management

Comprehensive case management that includes: Engagement (intake), Assessment, Planning/goal setting, Intervention, Monitoring, and Coordination.